ETF inflows in September “particularly strong”

ETFs strongNet inflows of €43 billion into global exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in September were “particularly strong”, according to figures published today by French asset manager Amundi.

Nicolas Fragneau, head of Amundi ETF Product Specialists, said that the strong performance was driven primarily by inflows into equity ETFs (€37.3 billion) and to a lesser extent by inflows into bond ETFs (€5.2 billion).

The US market saw €35.8 billion of net subscriptions, substantially ahead of inflows into the European market of €5.4 billion.

In Europe, €5.06 billion of the net flows went into equity ETFs and €1.05 billion into bond ETFs.

“In terms of equity ETFs, European investors continued to focus predominantly on US equity ETFs. Additionally, they showed a marked interest in smart beta strategies,” said Fragneau.

“In the bond markets, European investors preferred government to corporate debt. Within the sovereign debt universe, the debt segment of emerging countries dominated, while among corporate securities, Euro high-yield bonds gained the highest volume of subscriptions.”

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