Equity funds see “excellent” start to year

Equity funds outperformMany equity funds saw an “excellent” start to the year, with 38 out of the 39 peer groups studied outperforming – 30 of them in double-digits.

Global technology funds and funds investing in Chinese equities saw average returns of over 20%, according to research by Scope Analysis.

Equity Market Neutral Europe, with an average loss of 0.3%, was the one peer group that did not outperform.

A total of 68 peer groups with around 8,000 equity, bond or mixed asset funds, and aggregated assets under management of more than €3.5 trillion, were included in the study. The funds could be sold in various countries but all had to be available in Germany. They also had various domiciles.

Equity Global returned 13.2%, while Equity Europe and Equity Germany – the country where Scope Analysis is based – returned 12.3% and 9.2%, respectively.

Bond funds also performed well, as did mixed asset funds.

Bond USD Corporate High Yield was the top bond performer with 8.1% in the first three months of this year.

In mixed assets, the largest peer group with almost 800 funds - Balanced Global flexible - achieved growth in value of 6.9% in the first three months. Within the peer group, more than 98% of the funds achieved a positive performance.

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