EG Capital unveils emerging markets high-yield debt fund

Emerging_marketsLondon-based investment house EG Capital Advisors has launched an emerging markets high-yield corporate bond fund.

The Ucits-compliant fund is a sub-fund of the firm’s Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle (ICAV) which invests in US-dollar-denominated emerging markets high yield corporate bonds.

The fund aims to appeal to investors seeking to access the $800 billion emerging markets corporate bond market, currently growing at a compounded rate of 15% a year.

EG’s chief investment officer for fixed income Dimitry Griko said: “Our approach recognises the potentially risky concentrations to certain countries and industries inherent in broader indices. 

“We focus on detailed, bottom-up credit research, and have a prudent approach to issuer, industry and country concentration.”

The firm’s Emerging Markets High-Yield Strategy – which currently has US$500m invested in it globally – was originally established in 2009 and has been operated as a separately constituted fund since 2014.

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