Cohen & Steers launches active commodities fund

Investment manager Cohen & Steers has launched an active commodities fund that aims to take advantage of the asset class’s changing fortunes.

The firm said that stock prices at near record highs and bond yields at near record lows meant commodities may offer an opportunity in the current market to unlock value in a depressed asset class.

The Active Commodities Fund is a sub-fund of an Irish Collective Asset Management Vehicle authorised as a Qualifying Investor Alternative Investment Fund.

It will maintain exposure to a diversified range of commodities, primarily in global exchange-traded futures contracts from all commodity sectors including energy, industrial metals, agriculture, livestock and precious metals.

The fund is managed by the firm’s commodities team led by Benjamin Ross and Nick Koutsoftas.

Marc Haynes, senior vice president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said:  “With most investors still materially underweight the asset class we believe it is an appropriate time to launch an active commodities fund.”

Cohen & Steers managed assets of $56.5 billion (€54.2 billion) as of November 30, 2016.

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