Capital Group unveils US high-yield bond fund in Europe

US_congressUS investment management firm Capital Group has unveiled a US high-yield bond fund to its fixed-income offering for European investors.

The Capital Group US High-Yield Fund (Lux) is an addition to the firm’s Luxembourg-domiciled Ucits fund range, and is part of a multi-year, strategic plan to build up Capital Group’s fixed-income business.

The new fund will complement Capital Group’s US Corporate Bond Fund (Lux), which launched earlier this year.

The high-yield fund will invest in a portfolio of US high-yield bonds, while providing a risk profile with restrictions on non-corporate and emerging market corporate bonds.

The fund is built on a research-driven, fundamental approach that seeks to drive returns from bottom-up security and industry selection.

Capital Group has over $1.6 trillion (€1.37 trillion) in assets under management.

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