Camradata launches thought leadership platform

Knowledge BankData and analysis provider Camradata has rolled out an investment thought leadership platform – the latest feature of its online manager research investment database.

The Knowledge Bank aims to give asset managers the opportunity to “deliver thought leadership, insight and views” as well as information on their firm’s capabilities via a single platform.

This information will be available to more than 2,700 institutional investors who already use the firm’s Camradata Live data and analysis service for asset manager research, enabling them to keep up-to-date with the latest thinking and trends in the sector.

Acting as a “one stop shop” for the institutional investment industry, the platform eliminates “the need to visit different sources to gather research and catch up with what is happening in the industry”, according to Sean Thompson, managing director of London-based Camradata (which owns Funds Europe).

The Knowledge Bank allows investors to research asset managers while visiting their home page to “find information about their strategies and capabilities, their current thought leadership and even their latest social media posts”, Thompson said.

The platform also allows investors to contact fund managers directly through the firm’s Camradata Live service.

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