Assets in global funds rise 14% over one year

Global_bondsAssets in global investment funds increased a “considerable” $4.91 trillion – or by 14.5% – over the past year.

The rise saw assets under management reach $38.78 trillion at the end of February, said Thomson Reuters Lipper.

Most of the net new money for the one-year period went into bond funds, ($592.9 billion), followed by money market funds and equity funds. Equity funds gathered $44.4 billion of net inflows.

In February alone assets under management in global collective investment funds grew by $727.3 billion – a 1.9% increase. Estimated net inflows accounted for $141 billion, while positive market movements added $586.3 billion.

Most of the net new money for February went into bond funds. They raised $67.1 billion, while equity funds, which placed second, raised $54 billion.

Alternatives funds raised no net new money, according to the figures.

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