Artisan Partners launches global equities strategy and Ucits fund

EquityMilwaukee-based Artisan Partners has launched a global equities strategy, which will be available as an Irish-domiciled Ucits fund.

Jason White will be the lead portfolio manager of the Artisan Global Discovery Strategy and James Hamel, Matthew Kamm and Craigh Cepukenas will serve as portfolio managers.

White joined Artisan Partners in 2000 and has 17 years of investment experience, including serving as a portfolio manager since 2016.

“Combined with our 20-plus years’ experience in mid-cap growth investing, we believe we will be able to offer a focused and highly flexible portfolio of companies representing some of our best ideas across the global economy,” said White.

Artisan Partners has US$113.7 billion of assets under management, of which 19% comes from clients outside the US and $3.4 billion are domiciled in Irish Ucits funds.

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