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Adapting to Change: Survey methodology

We asked a sample of funds professionals from across the industry to answer our online survey. Figure 18 shows the professional mix, with employees of asset servicing firms accounting for the largest single group, at 28% of the respondents, followed by employees of asset managers, who accounted for 23%. Consultants, platforms and asset owners were also represented. Respondents who selected the “other” category were asked to name their type of business. The responses included management company, stock exchange, technology vendor and law firm.

Figure 19 displays the geographical distribution of our respondents. The largest single territory was the UK, where 27% of our respondents were based, followed by Luxembourg, which accounted for 21% of the sample. Ten percent of respondents were from Ireland, 7% from Hong Kong and 4% each from Switzerland and the US. The sample was truly global, with countries from Colombia to Singapore represented.

Our respondents carried out a range of different functions. Figure 20 reveals that respondents worked in departments from operations to IT to compliance. Respondents who worked in sales accounted for 13% of the sample, those in investment management for 17%, and the largest single group were those who described themselves as senior management. This group accounted for more than a third (36%) of the sample.


The report authors were George Mitton and Bob Currie. Paula Towner compiled and presented the data.

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