Editorial Synopsis May 2017
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Real estate
Investors are increasingly concentrating on single country strategies rather than deploying capital across multiple borders, according to a recent Cushman & Wakefield survey. The US is expected to be the most sought-after market in the next year. This article looks at the drivers of returns and how this trend is affecting product development in the real estate funds sector.

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In a region where closet indexing has attracted a high level of attention from regulators, Funds Europe speaks to active management houses and other players about the impact on the institutional and wholesale market.

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Regulation & Distribution
MiFID II, Priips and Ucits have much in common and there are several areas of crossover between directive. Funds Europe seeks to identify these areas with the help of regulatory experts and asks how distributors can operationally tackle them.

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Collateral management
Providers say that collateral is needed now more and more to support regulatory initiatives (such as margin rules). Funds Europe examines this claim and asks if investment funds have the same level of need as pension funds for collateral and collateral management services.

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Funds Europe takes a sample of fund management firms and asks if they have implemented regtech solutions, and what these solutions are doing for them.

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Economics focus: Japan
An industry expert writes about the investment landscape.

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