Lyxor rationalises ETF range

ETFsLyxor Asset Management will merge 14 existing exchange-traded funds (ETFs) listed on the London Stock Exchange into new listings.

The merger will take place in three batches and will be completed by December 19.

Lyxor has recently reduced the total expense ratios on three flagship funds, ETF MSCI USA, ETF MSCI Emerging Markets and ETF Japan Topix.

In a statement, the asset manager says these were made to ensure they are among the most competitive ETFs for these underlying indices.

The other Lyxor ETFs are: ETF Dow Jones Industrial Average, ETF MSCI World, ETF World Water, ETF MSCI EM Latin America, ETF Eastern Europe, ETF China Enterprise, ETF South Africa, ETF Brazil, ETF MSCI India, ETF Commodities Thomson Reuters/Jefferies Ex-Energy.

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