Luxembourg’s Alter Domus changes governance structure

RestructuringLuxembourg-based Alter Domus, a service provider to private equity and real estate funds, has changed its corporate governance model to a

structure “more in line with its operating model and future challenges”.

Group management has been divided between a board of directors, chaired by Dominique Robyns who heads the firm, and a group executive committee, headed by Laurent Vanderweyen. There are also two sub-committees covering audit and risk, and human resources.

In February, Vanderweyen, formally chief executive of Alter Domus Luxembourg and now group chief executive officer, told Funds Europe that Alter Domus would apply for a depositary licence.

The new governance structure means there will be a “clear segregation” between the setting out of strategic direction, which will be at the board level, and the implementation of strategy, which is delegated to Vanderweyen and the group executive committee.

The service provider says it serves 11 of the 20 largest private equity houses and 12 of the 30 largest real estate firms in the world.

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