Low level of climate integration into investments

Factory chimneysOnly a minority of major European investors, found in a sample of asset owners that invests €7.3 trillion, integrate climate change into their investment policies.

However, research into these asset owners also found that 53% consider climate change to be a top priority.

Novethic – a research unit of French sustainable investment house, Caisse des Depots – surveyed some of Europe’s most significant institutional investors, including major pension schemes from the UK, Netherlands and Sweden.

Nearly 90% of those surveyed use one of three recognised methods of responsible investment: stock screening; shareholder engagement; or selecting stocks based on environmental, social and governance criteria. Novethic says this shows investors are strengthening their responsible investment practices.

The research, which is called Profile of responsible investors, also found that very few of the investors had decided to exclude fossil fuels from portfolios.

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