Low carbon boutique guns for 'must-do' RI market

OsmosisOsmosis Investment Management is a company that exemplifies many current trends in the European fund management industry. The London-based low carbons solutions boutique is part of the expanding universe of specialist small-sized investment management firms; it's part of the drive to incorporate a climate change perspective into investment; and it's also part of the ETF revolution.     In February this year Osmosis IM launched a climate solutions ETF based on its own climate solutions index. The Osmosis index claims to be both broader than other climate change indices and more closely focussed on climate change.

The companies in the Osmosis index derive at least 50% of their revenue from products or services that focus on the efficient use of natural resources or the mitigation of climate change. Sectors covered include low-carbon energy production, waste and pollution control, water, and energy efficiency and management.

The company is in the news today because it has made a second-profile hire of a former Insight IM executive. Denise Saber, former head of European business development at Insight IM, joins Osmosis IM as head of distribution. She rejoins Rory Sullivan, former head of responsible investment at Insight IM, who pitched up at Osmosis IM last week to take on the same role at the new firm.

The two ex-Insight IM hires will be seen as an endorsement for Osmosis IM, which is headed by former UBS Warburg executive, June Aitken, and for its strategy of creating "market-based financial products that enable investors to profit from the public market opportunities that arise as the world transitions towards a low carbon economy".

The company now plans to expand its product range. Its index series already comprises regional and sub-sector indices alongside the benchmark Osmosis Climate Change Solutions index.

"Now is a very exciting time to be investing in the low carbon space," says Saber. "Responsible investment is now a must do, not an optional extra." Fiona Rintoul, Editorial Director
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