Lord, Abbett & Co. brings fixed income range to Europe

Bond indicesUS fund manager Lord, Abbett & Co has launched a range of Ucits funds to provide European investors access to its fixed income strategies.

Listed on the Irish Stock Exchange, the funds include the Lord Abbett Short Duration Income Fund, the Lord Abbett High Yield Fund and the Lord Abbett Strategic Income Fund.

Arbour Partners has been appointed to support distribution of the funds, which are branded Passport Portfolios, in Europe. The funds are also available beyond Europe.

Lord Abbett is headquartered in Jersey City and has $139 billion (€101.4 billion) in assets under management, $92 billion of which are held in fixed income strategies.

“The launch of these products presents an opportunity for a wide range of investors outside the US, especially in Europe and the Middle East, to access US fixed income markets at a time when we are seeing attractive income opportunities there,” says Stephen Hillebrecht, fixed income product strategist.

“We continue to see demand for yield-based strategies that also limit interest rate exposure, and we feel that our investment-led, investor-focused approach will be well-received.”

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