Liontrust pulls in cash for macro-thematic strategy

John IonsUK-based specialist asset manager Liontrust Asset Management says it has secured an institutional mandate that will bring the cash managed by its macro-thematic team to

more than £1 billion (€1.3 billion).

The inflow, which will be reflected in not-yet-released figures for the current quarter, will push overall assets under management to more than £4 billion.

The asset manager has also hired James Beddall to work alongside Jonathan Hughes-Morgan as co-head of international sales, and is setting up a branch office in Luxembourg

John Ions, chief executive (pictured), says Liontrust now has a strong sales team and is “also actively looking for more fund management teams that will appeal to the wholesale market in continental Europe”.

In the six months ending in September, Liontrust attracted a net inflow of £284 million ,which helped push overall assets to $3.8 billion as of September 30.

Its most popular product is the Economic Advantage fund, which accounts for roughly half its assets under management, nearly all of which comes from UK retail investors.

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