Latin America top and bottom of G20 equity table

Latin AmericaThe index of the Argentinian stock market had the best one-year return of all the G20 nations, 23% in euro terms in the year ending August 31, while Brazil had the worst, -19%.

The figures were collected by Tim Edwards, director of index strategy at S&P Dow Jones Indices, ahead of the G20 Summit in St Petersburg on September 5-6.

The returns of the Argentinian stock index were more than one percentage point clear of France, in second place, and four points higher than Germany in third.

However, many investors have concerns over future returns in Argentina, and the country risks defaulting on its government debt if it loses a battle with “holdout” bond investors who refuse to accept debt restructurings.

Brazil, meanwhile, has disappointed investors for several years now. Over five years, its index lost 13%, in euro terms, putting it above only Russia and Italy by five-year performance of the G20 nations..

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