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    Europe moves to ‘curb’ HFTs

    High-frequency traders (HFTs) are to be regulated as the European Parliament moves to “close loopholes” in legislation to protect investors and make financial markets safer.

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  • EU parliament

    New Europe fund rules feared to hurt small managers

    New rules from the European parliament that limit variable pay for fund managers could hit small firms hardest, it was warned.

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    GAM hit by outflows and stronger Swiss franc

    GAM Holding, an asset management company based in Switzerland, has seen a slight drop in assets under management due to outflows and the strengthening of

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  • Steel factory

    Investors shift from gold to industrial metals

    Exchange-traded product (ETP) flows suggest investors expect a boost for cyclical commodities such as industrial metals at the expense of gold and silver.

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  • Signing contract

    Brooks Macdonald buys Jersey wealth manager

    Brooks Macdonald Asset Management has paid £5.7 million (€6.9 million) in cash and shares to acquire DPZ Capital, a Jersey-based wealth manager with £430 million under management.

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