HSBC launches China ETF

ETFsHSBC has launched the HSBC MSCI China ETF in Europe with a 'highly competitive' total expense ratio of 0.60%.

The HSBC MSCI China ETF is listed on the London Stock Exchange in sterling and US dollar trading currencies. Further registrations and cross-listings in Europe are planned.

The HSBC MSCI China ETF aims to mirror the performance of the MSCI China Index, which is designed to offer exposure to the leading companies from China that non-domestic investors can freely access, typically through the Hong Kong stockmarket. As with all HSBC ETFs launched to date, the HSBC MSCI China ETF will use ‘physical replication’ in tracking its index.

The fund will aim to invest in securities in generally the same proportions as in the index . However, it may not take exposure to all securities and will use a technique known as ‘optimisation’ to replicate the index performance.

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