Jupiter fund to seek dividends in global equities

earth_sci_fi_webJupiter has launched a global equity income fund that will seek to invest in companies paying good dividends in developed and emerging markets.

Sebastian Radcliffe and Gregory Herbert will manage the Ucits unit trust. Radcliffe already manages $1 billion (€760 million) of United States assets across three Jupiter funds while Herbert recently became manager of the £36 million (€43 million) Jupiter European Income Fund.

“In the current low-interest rate environment, investors seeking income should, in our view, cast their net wide if they want to capture the earnings and dividend growth of some of the world’s ‘best’ income-paying companies,” says Jupiter chief investment officer John Chatfeild-Roberts.

The fund has a broad remit and can invest in developed markets like the US, where dividends are at historically low levels, while exploring markets such as Brazil where economic growth is fuelling good company earnings that may lead to greater dividends.

The firm says the fund's investment mandate allows the managers to exploit recent volatility by investing in companies that have seen their share prices fall despite still having the potential to increase dividends in future.

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