July/August 2015 Synopsis

Editorial Synopsis July/August 2015

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Funds Europe hosts a roundtable event in Zurich that looks at the latest developments in Swiss asset management and fund distribution.

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The outcome of the UK’s May general election means there will probably be an “in/out” referendum on UK membership of the EU.What would a ‘Brexit’ mean for the countries on both sides, and how would their equity markets be affected?

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Currency hedging

Central bank policies after the financial crisis smoothed foreign exchange swings but volatility has now returned. Funds Europe looks at the risks that have raised the profile for currency hedging in recent weeks.

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Exchange-traded funds

After the rush into European ETFs following the announcement of quantitative easing, inflows have since started to slow.Has someone taken the punchbowl fromthe party,or is there still an appetite for European equity ETFs?

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Real estate fund administration

The outsourcing of real estate fund administration is on the increase but is this because the third-party services and administration platforms have come of age, or is it simply down to cost pressure?

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Funds Europe Awards

As we begin our awards selection process, the July issue will give entry and deadline details.


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