Editorial Synopsis September 2017
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Emerging markets
Fund flows have shown a distinct trend towards emerging markets.We look at the investment risks and consider the potential returns from the three main asset classes – equities, sovereign and corporate bonds.

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ETFs: Emerging markets
The MSCI EM Index is the best known of the indices that covers emerging market equities. But which are some of the other main EM indices that ETFs track? And how do ETF returns from them differ and why?

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Cost transparency
Funds Europe looks at the recent moves in asset management to make fund costs more transparent and asks if investors are any more wiser about how much they pay for their funds.

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Data warehousing
All this data, but where to put it? Funds Europe looks at the solutions for storing data in a safe and secure way for asset managers and asks what vendors, including the large asset services, offer as value-added services.

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Regulation: Priips and Reg Tech
Funds Europe brings you up to date with the incoming Priips regime and asks how vendors are solution-ready.

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Performance management
Funds Europe asks how likely it is that active funds might one day be benchmarked against smart beta, or factor, indices and considers what might happen should this occur.

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