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Judging criteria Judges score entries for EXCELLENCE, demonstrated clearly and concisely, in these key areas: performance, growth, innovation, development, client service, commitment to Europe and the industry, achieved between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015. INDIVIDUAL & COMPANY AWARDS
European Personality of the year
Nominated by the Funds Europe advisory board and readers (please see entry requirments for European Personality and CIO of the year). The winner will be an outstanding, high-profile, high-achieving member of the asset management community. The winning entry will be somone who has made a personal contribution during the twelve months to 30 June 2015 to the success, growth, development and profile of their organisation and to the reputation of the industry. European CIO of the year
Nominated by the funds europe advisory board and readers (please see entry requirments for European Personality and CIO of the year)
The winner will have achieved growth and excellent investment returns through strong, innovative leadership, strategic thinking and successful achievement of stated investment aims. European Asset Management Firm of the year (three awards)
AuM at 30 June 2015 less than €20 billion
Entries must demonstrate exceptional outcomes for the stated investment strategy across a smaller or more limited range of funds during the twelve-month period. AuM at 30 June 2015 €20-€100 billion and AuM at 30 June 2015
Greater than €100 billion
Entries must demonstrate exceptional outcomes for the stated investment strategy across a broad range of fund types during the twelve-month period, and with presence in at least four European markets. All three sub-categories
Key evidence includes AuM at the start/end of the twelve-month period, pattern of net inflows, number of funds and their performance figures, and a list of markets in which the firm is active. Further evidence of success may include the firm’s record in customer service, product development and launches, and thought leadership or research. INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR AWARDS
European Institutional Investor/Pension Fund of the year (two awards)
Less than €1 billion and Greater than €1 billion
We seek to recognise European institutional investors and pension funds that have operated an investment strategy with forward-thinking approaches to portfolio management and a commitment to achieving the best possible risk-adjusted returns for beneficiaries. Success markers include investment performance against target. DISTRIBUTOR FUND AWARDS
European Fund Distributor of the year
This award is designed to recognise excellence in the distribution field in an ever changing market. The judges are looking for
innovation, service, knowledge and strong business development. SPECIALIST AWARDS
European Specialist Investment Firm of the year*
European Hedge Fund Firm of the year
European ETF Provider of the year
The winners in these categories will have enhanced the reputation of their particular investment speciality during the twelve-month period. Evidence of success will include growth in AuM, pattern of net inflows, stability of performance, product development and innovation, increased acceptability and uptake in target markets. The submission must also demonstrate a coherent company culture contributing to its success and explain why this speciality works for it.
(* examples include “Fund of Funds”, “Currency Manager”, “Socially Responsible Investment” and “Fixed Income Manager”) BUSINESS AWARDS
European Fund Launch of the year
We will reward a fund launch from the twelve months to 30 June 2015 that brought to market a brand new product. The entry should state the rationale for the product, list markets and dates where the product was launched, state how the product is innovatory and/or different and/or timely, include marketing campaign objectives and outcomes, and give figures for assets gathered for this product in the twelve month period. European Marketing Campaign of the year
We will reward a campaign for a brand or product which has appeared in the European marketplace. The entry should describe the aim(s) of the campaign, provide a list of target markets, describe media used to reach specific market segments, explain the rationale for those choices, and provide analysis of what made it an outstanding and successful campaign. European Thought Leadership
The winner of this award (company or individual) will have published ground-breaking research or opinion (typically in one or more white papers) that judges consider most relevant and vital to solving challenges faced by asset managers. The field is wide open: challenges may range from operational risk management to diversification, from provider selection to more effective performance measurement. European Consultant of the year
Entries are welcomed from the legal, academic, investment advisory or technology advisory sectors. The winner will be an advisor or consultancy that has shown a strong commitment to the European funds industry. In the twelve-month period the advisor will have contributed significantly and demonstrably to the successful performance of its clients. The entry may include one or more outline case-studies where significant value has been added; an indicative list of contributions to industry-wide thinking or research; and examples of innovatory practice. SUPPORT AWARDS
European Administrator of the year
European Hedge Fund Administrator of the year
European Specialist Administrator of the year*
European Custodian of the year
European Transfer Agent of the year
European Securities Lender of the year
The winning entries will demonstrate, as appropriate to their sector, their achievements in the twelve months to 30 June 2015 by listing business wins or renewals; listing domiciles in Europe and asset classes covered; providing AuA/AuC figures for the start and end of the period; describing innovatory practice and investment in new technology or support infrastructure; providing evidence of having benefitted from smoother operations and/or new value-added services; and listing significant contributions to industry-wide thinking or research.
(* specialist may be defined as regional and/or asset type focus.) OPERATIONS & TECHNOLOGY AWARDS
European Operations & Technology Providers of the year (four awards)
The four awards in this category seek to identify successful, new products or new modules/extensions of existing products that came to market in the twelve months prior to 30 June 2015. The successful entries will have fulfilled a specific business-critical requirement within the European funds industry – for example, regulatory reporting or risk management.
Entries should state what is new or innovative about the product or enhancement; list the benefits in terms of (as appropriate) cost, operational efficiency, ease of implementation, usability, scalability, resilience, interoperability and reliability; provide up to three outline case studies demonstrating the value provided to clients; and list any major contributions to industry thinking or research. Front Office
This category includes all tools, systems and services that are used to support front office activity - from view formation and decision support; investment research and pre-trade analytics; trading tools and execution venues/crossing networks; order and execution management. Back and Middle Office
A wider category than in previous years, this award recognises the systems and services used for all post-execution activity. This incorporates typical middle office services such as reporting and compliance and performance attribution, as well as the full range of back office activity - fund processing, accounting, administration (including NAV calculation) and reconciliation. Front to Back Office (full system)
There are an increasing number of systems, services and solutions that do not fit easily into the front, middle and back office categories. This includes a number of consolidated or core systems offering a one stop shop for investment operations, as well as software that is designed for a particular function that spans across the entire operations - such as data or risk management. Newcomer/Innovator of the year
In an effort to recognise the importance of innovation and invention, this inaugural award is for a newcomer or innovator to the industry - be that a new vendor or an existing vendor with a new product. Deadline for submissions: 25th September 2015
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