Invesco Perpetual launches Asia fund

Globe_AsiaAs Asia remains one of the most popular emerging market investors want to access, Invesco Perpetual has launched the Asian Equity Income Fund to offer investors opportunities they identify within the Asian equity markets.

Expected to yield around 4%, the fund aims to generate a rising level of income and long term capital growth. It will invest in equities of companies in Asia and Australasia, excluding Japan.

Stuart Parks head of Asian equities and one of the managers of the fund, together with Tim Dickson, said: “Asia is the fastest growing region in the world and is the driving force behind global growth. The region’s equity markets offer a wide range of opportunities to access these dynamic economies. In tandem with their economies, Asian companies are becoming increasingly important in a global context. Their ability to harness growth at home, as well as demand from overseas, gives them strong and enduring earnings potential which in turn feeds into revenues and profits. Asian companies increasingly recognise the importance of shareholders and as a result dividends are rising. We believe this only strengthens the outlook for Asian equity markets.”

The fund management team will target a dividend yield of 120% of the MSCI AC Asia Pacific ex-Japan Index, although there is no guarantee this performance target will be achieved.

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