Invesco launches two Eurozone equity funds

European flagsInvestment manager Invesco has launched two funds investing in eurozone equities and says low interest rates should make equity funds see continued demand.

The Euro Structured Equity Fund and the Euro Equity Fund offer investors two different ways to access the region’s equity markets.

The structured fund, managed by Alexander Uhlman and Thorsten Paarman and supported by the firm’s quantitative strategies team in Frankfurt, aims to offer investors the full long-term performance potential of eurozone equities while attempting to limit the volatility normally associated with equities.

The euro equity fund, managed by Jeff Taylor and the firm’s European equities team in London, uses a long-term investment approach seeking to capitalise on valuation anomalies in the market.

“Given the current low-interest rate environment and with low and falling yields on fixed income products, we think that equity funds are likely to see continued strong demand,” says Carsten Majer, chief marketing officer for continental Europe at Invesco.

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