How to enter

What defines a Funds Europe Awards winner?
All Awards winners, companies or individuals, will have made an outstanding and innovative contribution to the funds industry, whether in asset management, asset servicing or in support of those activities.  The Judges reward excellence in growth, innovation, development, client service and commitment to Europe.
Entries are invited from or on behalf of companies, large or small, privately or publicly owned. Most important is that your entry should satisfy the judging criteria for the awards category and can demonstrate excellence in business. All entries to funds europe Awards 2014 must relate to work undertaken from 1st July 2013 to 30th June 2014. It’s easy to enter - and there is no charge!
Ensure you understand the Awards 2014 categories and criteria, then:
•  Complete the entry form (last page of brochure, one hardcopy only required)
•  Prepare a 500-word submission – see below for detail (one copy only)
•  Create a file of evidence material – see below for detail (five copies required)
•  Mail all hardcopies to us to arrive by Friday 26th September 2014 The 500-word submission
Your submission (one hardcopy) must describe activity undertaken from 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014. The document, not exceeding 500 words in total, should: 1. State clearly why you believe the nominated company/person should win 2. Respond to the criteria we list in the category description 3. (Optional) include any additional relevant information not specified within our criteria File of evidence material
Your evidence file (five identical hardcopies) of supporting documentation must relate directly to the claims you make in your 500-word submission. Do not include non-relevant corporate information. Please note also: judges are not able to view/listen to AV materials. Selecting material for your evidence file
The judges need to see documentary evidence to back up the claims you make. What you include in your evidence file is therefore dictated by the statements you make in your 500-word submission and by the criteria for the category you are entering. A contents page can be helpful to the judges. What you choose to include should be very specific to your entry and to our judging criteria. Presentation
Presentation is critical.  Our judges welcome submissions which are well organised, easy to read and easy to assimilate. We recommend you give special attention to your 500-word submission: it is very important to make it relate directly to the category criteria. Permissions
If submitting on behalf of another company, it is your responsibility to obtain all relevant permissions for the entry, from their own or associated businesses. Confidentiality
Your entry is confidential to the judges and the staff of funds europe. If some evidence material is confidential or specially released for these awards, mark those pages clearly as “confidential”.  See also Return of Materials on the next page. Deliver your entry to us
Send us your hardcopy entry form, 500-word submission, and five identical files of evidence material. Note: we are not able to copy or print on your behalf.

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