Investors held onto funds through February turbulence

Stock market bars and chartsThe stock market sell-off in February did not magnify fund redemptions, as the trends toward outflows slowed rather than quickened.

European Fund and Asset Management Association (Efama) figures for February show there were net outflows from Ucits funds of €400 million – significantly lower than the €15 billion in January.

Equity funds registered net outflows of €4 billion, down from net inflows of €3 billion in February. Net outflows from bond funds slowed from €15 billion, to €6 billion.

Bernard Delbecque, senior director, economics and research at Efama, said the figures confirmed that “many investors are willing to hold to their investment positions in periods of market stress”.

Regulated alternative investment funds saw net inflows of €8.9 billion in February, though this was down from €15.6 billion in January.

Net assets of Ucits and alternative funds were down 0.2% to €12,926 billion.

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