Amundi reports net ETF inflows despite Eurozone rout

ETFs€703 million has flown out from Eurozone equity exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in February.

Amundi, which regularly publishes fund flows for ETFs, said it saw some appetite for UK equities (with inflows of €348 million) and for sectors. Energy and real estate funds had inflows of €141 million and €99 million, respectively.

As equity markets became volatile, investors sought out the safe haven of fixed income ETFs. Short-term Eurozone government bonds led the way, with €352 million of inflows. This category was followed by broad Eurozone government bond ETFs collecting €253 million of inflows.

But even within fixed income, there were parts of the market investors shied away from. Peripheral Eurozone government bonds led outflows, with €196 million, followed by broad Italian sovereign bonds at €120 million.

The most of negative flows for corporate bonds were seen in Eurozone ex-financials. The sector had outflows of €128 million.

Despite a mixed bag of flows, ETFs finished the month with a positive net inflow of €246 million .

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