The “most consistently performing” hedge funds

Hedge fundA league table of the most consistently performing hedge funds globally has been produced, with a Norwegian fund topping the equity sector and a number of Brazilian funds showing strongly.

Preqin, an information provider, found that the Taiga Fund Class A, which is offered by Norway’s Taiga Fund Management, was the best performer in the equity strategies range, with a consistency rating of 94.4 based on the past three years.

Peregine Capital and 36One Asset Management, both from South Africa, had two funds each in the top five of the equities category.

Within macro strategies, BNY Mellon ARX Hedge FIM, part of BNY Mellon in the US, was the top fund, scoring 93.6. ARX Investimentos, also part of BNY Mellon but based in Brazil, and another Brazilian firm, Verde Asset Management, had three funds in the top ten.

Brazil’s Polo Credito Privado FIM topped the credit strategies range with a score of 95.7. Both Capitania, another Brazilian firm and the UK’s Evolution Capital Management had two funds in the top ten.

For event-driven strategies, US fund Context BH Partners-Founders performed best with a score of 91.48. The top commodity trading advisor fund was also US-based, Esulep LLC Permo Fund, with a score of 91.98.

Preqin used various metrics including annualised return, annualised volatility, Sharpe ratio and Sortino ratio to score the funds.

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