Norwegian investors “admirably calm” in face of volatility

NorwayNorwegian investors ploughed 11.9 billion kroner (€1.23 billion) into funds in January, despite high volatility.

Institutional investors provided the bulk of flows at nearly 10 billion kroner and equity funds were the biggest beneficiary. These funds saw 6.7 billion kroner placed in them, according to the Norwegian Fund and Asset Management Association (VFF).

Fixed income took 3.7 billion kroner. Balanced funds suffered net outflows of 474 million kroner.

Bernt Zakariassen, chief executive of VFF, said Norwegian investors were “admirably calm” in uncertain times.

“Most have understood it is precisely by engaging through these market swings one can expect to achieve real returns on investments over time,” he said.

The performance of Norway’s fund industry is in stark contrast to Sweden’s in the same period. In January, Swedish funds saw net outflows of 10.8 billion krona (€1.1 billion).

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