Joanna Lumley’s ‘Lust’ warning draws most Aberdeen viewers

YouTube videosAberdeen Asset Management’s ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ investment videos narrated by actress Joanna Lumley have reached nearly a million views on YouTube, with Lust being the most viewed and Liked.

Lust had notched up 299,994 views and 9 Likes by this morning (January 13), followed by Envy with nearly 177,000 views, 2 likes and 1 Dislike.

The animated videos were posted in October and illustrate the ‘seven deadly sins’ of multi-asset investing.

In the Lust video, Lumley warns investors to “resist the siren call of short-term opportunity”. A less lusty approach, weathering market ups and downs, can prove to be more fruitful in the longer term, Lumley tells viewers.

The ranking – by order of sinful deadliness – for all the videos, is:

Sin Views Likes/Dislikes
Lust  299,994 9 Likes
Gluttony 72,010 6 Likes
Greed  133,123 3 Likes, 3 Dislikes
Sloth 100,647 2 Likes
Wrath  53,135 4 Likes
Envy  176,422 2 Likes, 1 Dislike
Pride  162,210 11 Likes

The data suggested the entire series of videos - rather than the individual videos - was watched 3,045 times, with 21 Likes and 2 Dislikes.

Comments for the videos were disabled.

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