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FUNDFORUM: securing our futures

FundForum International 2010 celebrates 20 years: the largest event of its kind aims to ensure profitability and sustainability going forward. Includes day-by-day guide to events

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ICBI first launched FundForum in July 1990 and it has been held annually in glamorous European locations ever since, making the 2010 event its 20th year – as such, it is the longest running mutual fund event in Europe. In its early years, it attracted about 300 attendees but grew rapidly and is now the largest event of its kind with over 1,500 global asset managers, distributors, analysts, advisors, academics and other leading experts participating each year.

Initially a two-day, 35-speaker event, the programme has grown considerably over the years and now comprises a three-day main conference, one pre- and one post-summit and a technical masterclass. Such rapid organic growth, combined with the huge market interest in speaking at the industry’s most prestigious event, expanded the speaker faculty to a record-breaking 190+ members in 2009.

“Despite the challenging times, yet again we have been overwhelmed by the industry response,” said a conference spokesman. “The message from asset managers, distributors and other key market participants is clear – we need to sit down together and decide on the future shape and direction of our industry. And FundForum has been chosen as the meeting place for this discussion.”

This year’s event will feature over 35 CEOs and 1,000 peers who will participate in the drive to shape a tough new industry agenda. FundForum 2010 will find positive solutions towards creating a vibrant, useful and credible asset management business.

The spokesman says FundForum’s proprietary research with over 100 leading asset managers and distributors showed leaders’ key concerns which are addressed in: How to Ensure Business Sustainability by Restoring Credibility in the Eyes of the Consumer, Creating Products the European Consumer Wants to Buy.

“These issues have been addressed in the 2010 conference programme, which will also feature new additions.” They include:
  • New conference themes
  • New structured networking opportunities
  • New external opinion formers and influencers on the future of asset management
  • New special-focus Thursday
  • New research from independent analysts
  • New exceptional keynote speakers
  • New distribution summit
“FundForum International 2010 delivers hard details not often heard. How will future winners address the challenges facing today’s profitability?
“Following on from 2009 and a very difficult time in our industry at present, we all look forward to a more positive conference this year.”

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