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Apr 07, 2010

Emerging markets are not just attractive from an investment point of view. Pension funds in these regions are asset rich and global managers can leverage off them as funds diversify internationally. Angele Spiteri Paris reports..

Mar 25, 2010

carrel-billiard_100x130Norwegian sovereign wealth fund speaks of future plans

Mar 16, 2010

Andrea Carpenter, Inrev: 'In a difficult market, understanding and benchmarking performance is increasingly important. The Inrev Index is a benchmarking tool that publishes aggregate performance information on non-listed property funds'

Mar 16, 2010

Real estate is slowly resurfacing as an investment target, but certain clients will be far more specific about how they invest, finds Nick Fitzpatrick

Mar 16, 2010

The pension fund of Belgium’s KBC Group doubled its emerging markets exposure after the financial crisis left these regions relatively unscathed. Angele Spiteri Paris talks to CEO Edwin Meysmans

Jan 20, 2010

What goes around comes around. There’s nothing new under the sun.
These and other well worn clichés spring to mind in the face of latest
data from INREV, the European Association for Investors in Non-listed
Real Estate vehicles, which show investors returning to core property
investments after a spell chasing opportunities in 2009.

Jan 14, 2010

The client’s specific objectives, constraints, and associated risk factors are simply not taken into account in the design of the optimal allocation. By Professor Lionel Martellini, PhD, scientific director, Edhec-Risk Institute.

Dec 21, 2009

Recent fund launches have focused on US equities, alternatives and emerging markets, as managers look for opportunities out of the recovery, reports Angele Spiteri Paris

Dec 21, 2009

The spectre of the global financial crisis cast its shroud over not just Wall Street and the City, but the fledgling financial centres of the Middle East. John Foster investigates the fallout in Dubai, Bahrain and Qatar...

Oct 06, 2009

Traditional assumptions about asset allocation, diversity and portfolio theory have broken down, writes Fiona Rintoul, and investors are struggling to find their way...