Sep 08, 2008

While money was haemorrhaging from European investment funds last year and early this year, one segment of the market somehow managed to remain buoyant – exchange-traded funds or ETFs.

Sep 08, 2008

Fiona Rintoul talks to Danièle Tohmé-Adet (pictured) of EasyETF about new fund launches, which include luxury goods and infrastructure ...

Sep 08, 2008

With a plethora of flavours available, Angele Spiteri Paris questions whether demand really exists for the ever expanding variety of ETFs

Aug 11, 2008

Laurent Seyer (pictured), CEO of Lyxor, talks to Fiona Rintoul about how the firm fits in at Société Générale.

Aug 11, 2008

ETFs have given investors simple access to a wide range of assets. But private equity and hedge funds are proving a challenge for providers, reports Angele Spiteri Paris ...

Jun 03, 2008

Alpha investors seek returns that are uncorrelated to indices. Ironically, a new range of index products could imitate this cheaply. But will disclosure scupper them? Angele Spiteri Paris investigates 

Apr 15, 2008

Product flow from the ETF sector has reached a torrent. Nick Fitzpatrick talks to investors about their multiple uses and finds one adviser warning of fads.

Apr 10, 2008

The credit crunch is biting ever deeper into the fund management industry. Fiona Rintoul looks at what managers must do to survive and finds that targeting customers in Asia and selling traditional funds may be part of the answer.

Mar 25, 2008

Far from slowing down, fund administration is becoming a 24/7 business. Nick Fitzpatrick analyses the Funds Europe 2008 Third-Party Fund Administration Survey and finds the drivers for this trend