Sep 23, 2008

wright.jpgRob Wright

chief operating officer
Dexia Investor Services

One challenge has been the continuing
mainstream shift away from relative, passive benchmark returns to alpha.
Providers continue to witness increasing volumes from alternative asset
managers and growth in the use of OTC derivatives. Some funds are combining
strategies, bringing together 130/30, mixing...

Sep 11, 2008

The latest economic downturn may lead to another wave of outsourcing for custodians. But the ‘factory’ model of recent years may be in decline as clients look for higher standards of processing, reports Nick Fitzpatrick

Sep 08, 2008

While money was haemorrhaging from European investment funds last year and early this year, one segment of the market somehow managed to remain buoyant – exchange-traded funds or ETFs.

Sep 08, 2008

Equity turmoil over the past year has forced asset managers to review the sector. Not surprisingly, they tell investors to keep the faith. Nick Fitzpatrick looks at some of the latest investment schemes ...

Sep 04, 2008

A property fund that provides investors with long-term, inflation-linked income sounds just the ticket for pension funds. Angele Spiteri Paris looks at HLV products ...

Sep 04, 2008

Lombard Odier sought US value managers for European and global funds, preferring their more dogged approach to the investment style. The bank has also shown the industry how to make solid distribution partnerships, writes Nick Fitzpatrick ...

Aug 11, 2008

Emerging markets have become a main feature in global equity portfolios. Angele Spiteri Paris asks if recent falls will see a change ...

Aug 11, 2008

Nicholas Pratt finds out what fund managers should be asking of their
dealing counterparts in determining just how smart their smart order
routers are ...