Nov 11, 2009

The crisis has made defined benefit pension schemes even less viable than they were. Angele Spiteri Paris talks to fund managers and consultants to see what's being done to make the alternative, defined contribution schemes, more attractive.

Nov 11, 2009

Australia’s fund management industry is set to double in assets over the next decade and as many as four new managers a year could launch businesses. Angele Spiteri Paris asks experienced firms about the best business model

Oct 06, 2009

Traditional assumptions about asset allocation, diversity and portfolio theory have broken down, writes Fiona Rintoul, and investors are struggling to find their way...

Aug 10, 2009

The European Commission proposes stricter regulation of alternative managers. Fiona Rintoul finds great hostility to this in the UK...

Jul 06, 2009

The obligation for alternative fund managers to obtain an
authorisation has caused concern at European level and has been
criticised by the alternative funds industry.  Ursula García (pictured) and Maria Graiño Cuatrecasas comment

Jul 06, 2009

Mark Briol • Biff Bowman • Nadine Chakar • Jaron Van Dam • Susan Ebenston • Andrew Gelb • François Marion • Rob Wright meet round a table with Nick Fitzpatrick

Jun 13, 2009

jon_little_80x109.jpgJon Little, vice chairman, BNY Mellon Asset Management
From a fund management corporate perspective, is the crisis unfolding worse or better than expected? Are you more or less optimistic now about the business outlook until the end of 2009 than you were in December 2008, and why?

Jun 09, 2009

The financial crisis is vexing asset servicers in Central and Eastern Europe, finds Fiona Rintoul. But there are other causes of change too...

Jun 09, 2009

The founder of fiduciary management says providers should not invest client money with their own managers. Angèle Spiteri Paris finds out what some of Europe’s leading players think.

Mar 19, 2009

Private placement can offer a high degree of flexibility, although regimes differ dramatically across member states of the European Union. Jane Prior Nabarro comments...