Forward Features 2016


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Issue 143 - February 2016

Roundtable: Alfi preview
Features: Multi-asset, index products
clearing and settlement, real estate
fund administration

Issue 148 – July/August 2016

Roundtable: Global asset servicing
Features: Swiss report, equities - UK,
ETF review, Swiss fund administration,
cloud solutions

Funds Europe Awards 2016
Submission deadline, 26th August 2016

Issue 144 - March 2016

Special Focus: Distribution
Roundtable: South Africa
Features: Global equities, ETF review,
Italian asset management, 
transition management, South Africa

Issue 149 - September 2016

Special Focus: Sibos preview
Features: Spanish asset management,
managed solutions, global bonds, exchanges

Issue 145 - April 2016

Roundtable: UK distribution
Special Focus:
Administration survey
Features: Robo-advice, US bonds,
smart beta update, fund administration report

Issue 150 - October 2016

Special Focus: Custody survey
Features: Liquid alternatives,
investing in gold, sub-custody, custody report

Issue 146 - May 2016

Special focus: Fund Forum preview
 Marketing & Branding
Features: Asian equities, ETF review,
private equity fund administration,
fund platforms, emerging markets

Issue 151 - November 2016

Roundtable: Emerging Markets
Features: French asset management,
French asset servicing, French ETFs,
Sibos report

Funds Europe Awards 2016
Ceremony at the Tower of London
3rd November 2016

Issue 147 - June 2016

Special Focus: Specialist administration survey
Roundtable: Marketing & branding
Features: German asset management,
managed solutions, index funds,
specialist administration feature

Funds Europe Awards 2016
Launch date, 1st June 2016

Issue 152 - Dec 2016/Jan 2017

Roundtables: Institutional
Features: US managers, Asian bonds,
ETF review, hedge funds administration,
clearing and settlement