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Alan Brown
Group CIO, Schroders
 "A targeted approach"  May 2010
Mike Faulkner
CEO, P-Solve
 "Fashion Faux Pas"  May 2010
Roger Gray
CIO, USS Pension Fund
 "Lessons Learned"  May 2010
Richard McIndoe
Head of Pensions, Strathclyde Pension Fund
 "Glaswegian gumption"  April 2010
Hendrik du Toit
CEO, Invesco Europe
 "A new world view"  April 2010
Jean-Baptiste de Franssu
CEO, Invesco Europe
 "Passionate about education"  March 2010
Edwin Meysmans
CEO, KBC Group Pension Fund
 "Looking further afield"  March 2010
Yngve Slyngstad
CEO, Norges Bank Investment Management   
 "Alternatives get thumbs up"     Nordics Report
March 2010
Alain Closier
CEO, Société Générale Securities Services
 "Safety first"  February 2010
Philippe Seyll
Head of Funds Division, Clearstream
 "Clearly we were first"  February 2010
Richard Wohanka
CEO Asset management, UBP
 "Sailing through the storm"  December 2009
Renaud de Planta
CEO, Pictet Asset Management
 "Strong in a crisis"  December 2009
Matteo Perrrucio
CEO, Hermes BPK Partners
 "In it for the long haul"  November 2009
Bharat Shah
CEO, Ask Investment Management
 "Ask: the right questions"  October 2009
Charlie Porter
CEO, Thames River Capital
"Doing things differently"
 September 2009
Martin Gilbert
CEO, Aberdeen Asset Management
 "Hitting the big time"  July 2009
Edouard Carmignac
CEO, Carmignac Gestion
 "Surviving and prospering"  May 2009
Bob Parker
Deputy Chairman, Credit Suisse Asset Management
 "The power of two"  March 2009
Pierre Servant
CEO, Natixis Global Asset Management
 "Don't stop me now"  February 2009
Nadine Chakar
EMEA Head, BNY Mellon Asset Servicing
 "The day Lehman Brothers failed"  February 2009

Executive Interviews

INTERVIEW: Put your money where your mouth is

Jun 10, 2016

At Kempen Capital Management, they believe portfolio managers should invest in their own funds. David Stevenson talks to Lars Dijkstra, CIO of the €42 billion manager.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: ‘Volatility is the name of the game’

May 13, 2016

Axa Investment Managers chief executive officer, Andrea Rossi, talks to David Stevenson about bringing all his firm’s subsidiaries under one name and the opportunities that a difficult market...


ROUNDTABLE: Beyond the hype

Oct 13, 2016

The use of smart beta investing continues to grow. Our panel, made up of both providers and users, discusses what the strategy actually means, how it should be used and the kind of pitfalls that may arise when using this innovative investment technique.

MIFID II ROUNDTABLE: Following the direction of travel

Sep 07, 2016

Fund management firms Aberdeen and HSBC Global meet with specialist providers to speak about how the industry is evolving towards MiFID II.