ETP assets rise to record $2.2 trillion in third quarter

Equities going upThe Federal Reserve's decision to delay the end of quantitative easing encouraged investors to pump a net $35 billion (€26 billion) into exchange-traded products (ETPs) in September.

The inflow, alongside market growth, brought the total amount held in ETPs to a record $2.22 trillion, according to ETFGI, a research and consulting firm.

Equity products accounted for the majority, $29 billion, of the net inflow in September, says ETFGI. Of this, $15 billion went into US equity products.

So far this year, ETPs have attracted a net inflow of $168 billion, which is less than the $188 billion they had gained by this point last year.

“The Federal Reserve’s decision in their last meeting to maintain the QE scheme at its current size and positive market performance encouraged investors to put net inflows of $35 billion back into the market through [ETPs],” says Deborah Fuhr, managing partner, ETFGI.

ETFGI says there are now 4,982 ETPs on the market from 212 providers.

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