Employers take more responsibility for de-risking pensions

RiskEmployers are becoming more engaged with the management of their pension schemes and increasingly taking primary responsibility for de-risking.

MetLife Assurance found that 61% of companies surveyed with turnover of £1 million (€1.2 million) or more accepted primary responsibility in partnership with trustees, or sole responsibility for de-risking. This compared to 46% when the research was last conducted in 2010.

Of the 61%, 40% said de-risking is the employer’s primary responsibility in conjunction with trustees, while 21% said it was their sole responsibility. Again this is up from 2010.

Trustees showed high levels of awareness of de-risking with 66% of those surveyed having a plan in place to de-risk in the next five years compared with 60% surveyed in 2010.

However 42% of employers were unaware of any de-risking strategies when presented with a list of solutions.

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