December/January 2016

Editorial Synopsis
December 2015/January 2016

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Fund management industry: Mergers & acquisitions
2015 has seen a host of consolidation among asset managers, particularly in the boutique space. Funds
Europe looks at the drivers for why an investment management business might want to sell itself, and at what motivates acquirers.

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Asian fixed income

With developed market bond yields at historically low levels, how attractive are Asian bonds, both sovereign and corporate, in light of the relative cheapness of their respective currencies?

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Exchange-traded funds

ETFs have continued to break records this year since breaking the $3 trillion of assets under management mark in early 2015. We look at where investors have placed their flows and the drivers for it.

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Alternative fund administration

Funds Europe looks at the administrative issues involved with setting up and maintaining a liquid alternatives fund. How do they differ from other alternative funds and what are the complexities?

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Funds Europe will present two roundtables in the December/January edition focusing on the Chinese asset management industry and on investing in India. The roundtables are invite only.


executive interviews, regular features, including fund launches and people moves

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