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CUSTODY 2008: BBH Directory

Brown Brothers Harriman


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140 Broadway, New York, NY, 10005, USA
Tel: +1 212 493 1818

Country of origin: USA
Operating in Europe: 80 Years

Senior executives:
Geoffrey Cook (Luxembourg), Managing Director
Daniel Genoud (Zürich), Managing Director
Richard Fodder (London), Senior Vice President
Seán Páircéir (Dublin), Managing Director

Business Split: n/d
Parent’s other main business lines:
                       Banking & Advisory
                       Investment Management

Domestic markets that are strategically important in the near future
                       Latin America

Services offered in addition to Custody
                       Securities lending
                       Cash management
                       Collateral management
                       Tax reclamation
                       Commission recapture
                       Performance attribution
                       Proxy voting
                       Compliance monitoring
                       Fund admin services
                       Transfer agency
                       Distribution support
                       Transition management
                       Infomediary® data infrastructure solutions

Products/services showing the greatest increase in demand in past twelve months:
                       Fund processing
                       Complex Derivatives Processing
                       Fund of Funds
                       Real Estate Funds

Products and services for development over the next twelve months:
                       Distribution Support Services: Automation of
                        trailer fee administration services, including
                        management of clients' own distribution
                        agreements, combined with the ability to
                        leverage BBH's own consolidated distribution
                        agreements; full and transparent pricing;
                        further Extend automation with key
                        distributors and transfer agents.
                       Continue to create automated derivatives
                        solutions: Increase valuation vendor coverage;
                        automate reconciliation process with brokers;
                        lead industry drive for best practices and
                       Market full service fund-of-funds capabilities:
                        Promote automation from point of advice of
                        daily net in/outflows, through allocation to
                        execution, settlement and beyond.

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