• Emerging markets1

    International and emerging market assets spotlighted for growth

    International and emerging market assets could have a busy year ahead, as research shows consultants planning to increase allocations in pursuit of growth, income and diversification.

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  • graph up


Manulife reports higher third-party AUM

    Manulife, the Canadian financial company that is buying the local operations of Standard Life, reports that assets under management (AUM) in its asset management arm reached

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  • Portfolio allocation

    Fixed income outlook is “complicated”

    High yield bonds are tipped to be a valuable portfolio addition in 2015, provided the risks are understood.

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  • Launch

    Schroders launches global multi-asset income fund

    Schroders has launched an income fund investing in global multi-assets and aiming to pay a regular income of 5%.

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  • Benefit

    Bonuses make London asset management pay highest in Europe

    London boasts the highest pay in Europe for vice-presidents working in asset management, due to its culture of providing bonuses as rewards to incentivise staff.

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