Magazine Issues»October 2012

wheelFunds Europe surveys vendors about which asset classes their main execution management systems cover for fund managers, and their development plans.

Broken heartA eurozone break-up would present many issues for fund managers, say legal experts Dale Gabbert and Jacqui Hatfield from Reed Smith.

KnightDemand for stress testing has risen as fund managers have sought to protect their portfolios from a eurozone break-up. George Mitton discovers that the techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Russian dollsSub-custodians face an unprecedented level of challenges, from regulation to infrastructure. Nicholas Pratt looks at how they are dealing with them.

OsakaIs Swift doing enough to encourage more efficient processing among buy-side firms? Nicholas Pratt asks various market participants for their views on Swift's role in the investment management community.

Conveyor beltFor financial firms that operate in multiple markets, tailoring brands for each geography can be time and cost-intensive. Tony Collins, of Opal, says chances are being missed to roll out standardised products.

FatcaThere is a raft of new regulation in the financial services industry and many of the rules affecting fund administrators and, more specifically their clients, stem from overseas. One example is the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca), due to come into effect in 2013.

Businessman netLionel Martellini and Renata Guobuzaite, of the Edhec-Risk Institute, report on the benefits of adding long volatility exposure to equity portfolios.

KammelWhen thinking of the investment fund business in Europe, the Central and Eastern (CEE) region is not necessarily the first that comes to mind. This is because market structures differ between countries and because others have only small markets.