Magazine Issues»November 2012

rolling up sleevesFiona Rintoul looks at retail trends in the UK and finds that the denial period is over and it is time for acceptance and implementation of the Retail Distribution Review.

SurveyorWith the 'unbundling' of research and increased transparency of execution costs, Per Lovén of Liquidnet Europe looks at the reform of the trading landscape.

ThinkerSeveral years after the post-crisis G20 summit, Sandrine Leclerq of Baker & McKenzie analyses how close regulatory-induced change is to becoming reality and if objectives will be met.

city viewPolicy initiatives are key to restoring the broken interest rate benchmark, writes Rhodri Preece of CFA Institute.

Cowboy banditWhile the UK's financial sector remains the heartbeat of the nation's economy, there is no question that the City is going to experience the twinges associated with the national belt-tightening that is already in full squeeze.

FishermanTwo custodian banks have a lot to thank Allianz Global Investors and Pimco for in the first half of the year, says Nick Fitzpatrick.

LynchOver previous years, the global financial market has suffered several shocks. The US came dangerously close to technical default, the dollar was downgraded and Europe struggled with issues of country bailouts causing a decline in confidence within central banks and national treasuries.

Europe mapNicholas Pratt examines the effect of new regulations, greater risk management and reduced profitability on the provision of sub-custody in the Nordics, Baltics and Central and Eastern Europe.

JaninThe French fund industry is composed of more than 600 asset management companies, and has been operating for some 15 years, including through two major financial crises.