Magazine Issues»February 2013

Alistair KennedyBattersea Power Station on London's South Bank is famously pictured with a flying pig on the cover of Pink Floyd's 1977 album Animals. But it's another Pink Floyd song that best describes the station today, and that is 'Money', £600 million to be exact.

Measuring tapeWith traditional asset classes unable to achieve secure returns, more and more asset managers are looking to the private equity industry. Paul DiBlasi, of Pevara, reports on justifying investment with new benchmarking techniques.

ShadowsThe limitations of contingency planning for outsourcing arrangements have recently been highlighted by the Financial Services Authority. Nicholas Pratt investigates.

Kurt WoetzelThe legacy of the global financial crisis has seen a raft of new legislation arriving alongside new market requirements for capital rules, liquidity and collateral eligibility.  

ArchitectThe European Commission is calling on all its member states to enact pension reforms at country level. François Cocquemas, of the EDHEC-Risk Institute, takes an indepth look at the white paper.

Jarkko SyyrilaThe tendency for regulators and policymakers is growing towards banning inducements, even though this clearly means less choice and more cost for smaller investors. Many small investors will no longer be able to get any financial advice.