Magazine Issues»December-January 2017

Switzerland’s boutique asset managers face a range of pressures. To survive, they must adapt to a highly regulated world where passive funds threaten their market share. George Mitton reports.

Yves Chauvin of Axa Investment Managers' Rosenberg Equities considers the rate of technological progress in areas such as machine learning and ‘big data’ in asset management.

As 2016 draws to a close, the picture for ETFs is one of climbing assets and inflows, but a flurry of political and economic headwinds has buffeted areas of the market, writes Kit Klarenberg.

The new chief executive of Mashreq Capital talks to George Mitton about fund launches, management style and why he is the right person for the job.

At the end of 2016 Funds Europe hosted a roundtable to talk about industry change, featuring asset managers and operational providers, and about topics including distribution and technology.

After John Maynard Keynes lost a fortune speculating on currencies, he made a famous quotation about “irrational” markets. Paul North, of BNY Mellon, puts Keynes’ wry witticism in a modern context.

Eight years after the financial crisis, income-rich real estate is exerting a powerful pull on institutional investors hunting for yield in a low interest rate environment.

Cross-border fund initiatives are developing across Asia. Tilman Fechter of Clearstream says the key is to identify where the potential flows are, and build the infrastructure around them.

Maitland, the global advisory and fund administration firm, points to the advantages for both fund managers and end investors of having a jurisdiction-agnostic service provider in the hedge and alternative space – especially post-Brexit.

With much uncertainty around cross-border fund distribution after Brexit, Nicholas Pratt asks what steps fund firms could take now to support their international businesses.