Magazine Issues»April 2010

Investec Asset Management CEO Hendrik du Toit tells Angele Spiteri Paris that as the world changes, investment benchmarks are failing to reflect new realities...  

Emerging markets are not just attractive from an investment point of view. Pension funds in these regions are asset rich and global managers can leverage off them as funds diversify internationally. Angele Spiteri Paris reports..

Innovative and gutsy, Scotland’s Strathclyde Pension Fund was one of the first to invest in emerging markets, yet, interestingly, it steers clear of hedge funds. Pensions head Richard McIndoe explains the fund’s strategy to Fiona Rintoul

The hiring of investment talent from the fund management industry is an increasing trend. Fiona Rintoul speaks to pension funds and asks how internal expertise benefits them, and what this means for external consultants