Magazine Issues»October 2011

M_FeargrieveMatthew Feargrieve, partner and team leader of the Funds and Investment Services practice in the Zurich office of Appleby tells us about a new regulation for hedge funds directors.

Filing-CabinetRFP documents have become bloated, expensive and time-consuming. Nicholas Pratt looks at how the tendering process can be reformed to benefit both asset managers and their prospective providers.

Data-imageMore trading in multiple asset classes has led to proliferation of data. The varying quality of information makes tasks such as transaction cost analysis difficult, finds Nicholas Pratt.

S_EverardStephen Everard, chief executive officer at Goal Group, a professional services firm, talks about reclaiming of withholding tax.

KingsAlternatives to cap-weighted indices do deliver what they promise, say Felix Goltz and Lin Tang from the Edhec-Risk Institute.

S-JaninStephane Janin, head of international affairs at the AFG, L’Association Française de la Gestion Financière talks about the strenght ot the Paris funds industry.