Magazine Issues»November 2017

Digital_threatSibos, the banking technology conference, gave as much weight to cyber security as it did to fintech this year. Nick Fitzpatrick reports.

Sun_worshippingKyle Kloc of Fisch Asset Management claims high yield bonds are the closest asset to the Holy Grail of investing.

Bram_HendriksThe proposed EU Shareholder Rights Directive aims to overcome certain corporate governance shortcomings in European-listed companies, and to encourage a more long-term-oriented investment process and active engagement by institutional investors and asset managers, in several ways.

Hands_upThere has been a sea change in attitudes to corporate governance with shareholders flexing their muscle at AGMs. Catherine Lafferty takes a look at the new investor order.

Greg_KokIn mid-July, ESMA, the EU securities regulator, published an opinion paper suggesting national competent authorities (NCAs) should take a tougher line on policing the asset management sector, adding to the increasingly negative Brexit predictions about the UK’s financial services industry.

Tim_SteeleMany fund documents can be produced and updated using automation. Tim Steele asks if the prospectus can, too.

Armin_KammelWhen thinking about Austria, typically its varied history, world-class skiing and classical music come to mind. Not so well known is the fact that Austria has a longstanding tradition in the investment fund business.